By sharing its accomplishments, Hironic promotes happiness with the society. 

1st Happiness

Happiness to invest in the future of the students 

Since 2011, Hironic has been donating 1% of its net profits as a scholarship to the Korean Minjok Leadership Academy in order to create a happier society and foster leaders that have national awareness.

With Hironic’s growing profit, Hironic has annually increased the donation and supported total of 29 students with KRW 159 million. As Hironic continues to develop, it is expected that more students will benefit from the corporate.

2st Happiness

Happiness to share  

Hironic purchase confectioneries from shelter for disabled to support the independence of the disabled people. This sweet support not only helps the people at the shelter, but also serve as a healthy breakfast for Hironic’s employees every morning.  

3st Happiness

Happiness to protect the environment around us  

Since 2015, Hironic has been organizing 'Eco Friendly Food and Culture Idea Competition' to spread the eco-friendly life style culture. In addition, Hironic participates in 'Environmental Education and Organizations Support‘ and 'Eco Healing Village Project‘ to fulfill its social responsibilities and play a role in the practice of spreading environmental love.

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