Hironic’s corporate culture is based on happiness. 

By sharing its accomplishments, Hironic promotes happiness with the society.

Hironic’s primary responsibility is to all the medical doctors, nurses, patients and others who use its products and services.
  • Hironic must provide the best products and services in order to meet customers’ needs.
  • Hironic must strive to provide competitive products and services through efforts to reduce costs.
  • Hironic must respond to customers’orders swiftly and completely.
  • Hironic must provide its partners with opportunities to obtain reasonable profits.

Hironic’s second responsibility isto its employees. 
  • The employees of Hironic must respect and cooperate with one another.
  • Hironic must provide fair and equal opportunities to its employees based on their efforts and performances.
  • Hironic must provide an environment where employees can feel free to express their complaints and suggest ideas.
  • Hironic must establish a pleasant, well-organized and secure working environment where employees can work safely.
  • Hironic must secure excellent executives and managers who work in accordance with high standards of ethics.

Hironic’s third responsibility is tobenefit the local community, Korea and the Globe  
  • Hironic must have staff who are responsible.
  • Hironic must operate to acquire happiness and quality of life.
  • Hironic must keep its facilities at its best condition and protect the environment.

Hironic’s lase responsibility is towardsthe company share holders 
  • Hironic must realize wholesome profit with transparent decision-making and efficient management activities.
  • Hironic must increase the value of the company through continuous management innovation and growth strategy.
  • Hironic must reduce its chances of failing through continuous effort.
  • Hironic must invest and develop in new products, and prepare for futures events in advance.
  • Hironic must work to provide the appropriate rights to the share holders.

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