Special RF Microneedle of Silkro

Needles are adjustable from depth 0.5mm to 3.5mm, and provide insulated and non-insulated needle effect.

Wide viewing angle

With 25% smaller surface area of tip size, it can minimize overlap during the treatment and provide a wide viewing angle for more accurate and precise procedures.

Selective sebaceous glands destruction

RF Needle selectively destroys sebaceous glands.
Not damaging the epidermis, treating acne fundamentally, and preventing recurrence.

Bulk heating before and after treatment 

With the small RF ceramic, transfer RF energy to the skin that is difficult to target by needle. Use for before and after acne treatment and general rejuvenation, and for women's vulvar treatment.

Special Venus Treatment 

Convenient radiofrequency treatment specially for women.

Non-invasive, non-ablative, non-surgical, and no anesthesia is required. 

Specially ergonomic-designed handpiece for treatments like venus rejuvenation & tightening and colpoxerosis.


Smart Integrated System(SIS) 

Self-device monitoring & diagnosis through online
and enabling real-time troubleshooting without visiting

Remote Management through

Cloud System

The Remote Maintenance System monitors device 

in real time to allow self-diagnosis and prevent 


· Consumable replacement notice

· Protocols saved
· Self diagnosis and inspection
· Malfunction prevention and assist functions
· Checking of accumulated shots and device use is available 
 (Accumulated shots, used time and etc.)
· Remote update of SW/FW is available 




Big Data System 

Through accumulative treatment data, 

providing the best and safest protocol for each lesion, and giving utmost guidance to users.



Easy & Intuitive GUI 

Colorful genius, Silkro GUI 



Easy to Use 


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